King Tutankamun's Tomb
The Luxor, Las Vegas

The hole was so small that only one person could see the inside at a time. Carter peeped through the hole and remained silent for some long minutes. When Carnarvon finally could not stand the tension any longer he asked Carter if he could see anything. And Carter replied: "Yes, I can see wonderful things". More..

Lassen Volcanic National Park

A gigantic kitchen with hissing fumaroles are issuing steam like water kettles, boiling springs gushing like cooking pots, and mud pots slowly bubbling like thick soup on a small fire. And finally you start to realize that there is real activity below the earth, with enormous powers we cannot really understand.More..

Crater Lake National Park

This time the caldera is clearly visible. Seven thousand years ago, a glimpse in geologic history, Mount Mazama exploded in a gigantic cataclysmic eruption, killing all living creatures within a huge distance with streams of hot gas and ashes. More...

Highway 101, Oregon Coast

The Pacific Ocean, a glorious, famous name for a mighty ocean, stretching from here to the shores of Asia. The coastline is rough here, with cold gusty winds and large cliffs where the waves break, spitting wet foam into the air - it seems that the icy Pacific is unwilling to be stopped by the American shore. More..

Olympic National Park

At the north westerly tip of the country, where the icy Pacific meets the cool land, life is not easy. On the top of the mountains animals and plants have to struggle hard for survival. Temperatures are cool and rain is rare, the only moisture coming from the mists that arise from the sea shore. In the bitter winters that last six month here everything living is covered below meters of icy snow. More..

Craters of the Moon National Monument

"The surface of the moon, seen through a telescope" is how this landscape was first described, a very strange place indeed, an ocean of cold black lava nearly destitute of vegetation. More..

Arches National Park

Not only once but several times this place had been the bottom of the sea, lifted to sunlight again, became mountains that crumbled again, leaving large layers of salt as an unstable base for the rocky formations that continuously move, shift, lift, lower, turn, roll, tumble, fall and stack. More..

Monument Valley

There are a lot of more interesting places in this area but here is our image of the West - another proof of the power of images. More..

Vegas Nights

Venetian shopping passages with an artificial sky, swimmingpool-blue canals and motorized gondolas with singing drivers. The Rialto bridge with escalators. Greek marble statues, mechanized, performing a multimedia show every 30 minutes. More..